Thursday, December 29, 2011

Asian Christmas, 2011

Happy Holidays, everyone!

For the most part, traditional Chinese families don't serve the typical Christmas dinners, such as a roasted turkey and all its trimmings. Since my parents have been here for a really long time, my mom does make a really mean roast turkey and yummy stuffing when she feels like it. However, since this year we were entertaining guests that were more traditional Chinese, we decided to make an entirely Chinese Christmas meal.

Allow me to introduce to you a Chinese Christmas feast!

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Little Fat Sheep is more than the restaurant's name; it's a lifestyle.

So impromptu restaurant visits result in crummy cellphone pics. I'll update with better pics if I go back.

You know that feeling of pride and independence you get when you first eat out with your friends without any adult supervision? It usually happens in the early years of high school (or in middle school for the non-Quebecois), and it usually happens at the 3 Amigos, since fast food places don't count. Well, in my case, one of my first independent restauranting experiences was at the Little Fat Sheep, an AYCE Mongolian hot pot franchise restaurant in Chinatown.

Monday, December 12, 2011

Having fish & chips at Brit & Chips!

Brit and Chips is a small and quirky restaurant located in Old Montreal. Apart from their quaint outer decor that makes one feel like they walked onto a 1990s set of Coronation Street, they boast serving the best fish and chips in Montreal. And what makes their fish and chips so special? Different types of fish paired with unique mixes of batters!

Saturday, December 3, 2011

What if you could have a bit of Beirut in your garage? - Garage Beirut

Garage Beirut is a small and unconventional Lebanese restaurant situated on Mackay, which is apparently pronounced 'Mac-Eye' and not 'Mac-A'. Eeesh. Tom-eh-toes Tom-ah-toes. Anyway. I've only the typical fast-food Lebanese food, like the shish taouks, shawarmas and falafels, but I've never been to a Lebanese restaurant before. Having read some good reviews on Garage Beirut, I was eager to try this place out.