Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Mooching off a friend on a rainy day... in HD!

Imagine this. You're planning to take a stroll in the Mount Royal region and try out some quaint restaurants, but it just so happens that the sky decides that it's high time to start dropping domestic pets on you - metaphorically, of course. So what do you do? Head over to your culinarily-gifted friend's house and mooch off her, of course!

She whipped up this spicy cucumber salad in a matter of minutes. Julienned cucumbers mixed with minced garlic, black vinegar, soy sauce and a variety of Chinese spices, this salad was as refreshing as it was flavourful.

She also whipped up this fish maw soup in a matter of minutes. The fish maw was fluffy, and the soup wasn't goopy, like the ones you find in most restaurants. And best of all, no MSG!

I was also lucky enough to catch her on one of her steak days. She had two juicy filet mignon that she had just bought sitting in her fridge, which she marinated in terriyaki sauce and fried up to a perfect medium-rare. Delish!

It also gave me a chance to try out taking food pics with an actual camera. :)


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